When the shades are drawn, and the light of the moon is banned,
and the stars up above walk the heaven hand in hand.
There’s a shadey place at the end of the working day,
where young lovers go and this hot little trio plays.
That’s where we meet, that’s where we meet,
me and you rendez-vous in the club at the end of the street.
From the alleyways where the cats walk gently sway
you hear the sound of Otis, and the voice of Marvin Gaye.
In this smokey room there’s a jukebox plays all night
and we can dance real close beneath the pulse of a neon light…
There’s a downtown smell of cooking from the flame on an open grill,
there’s a sax and a big bass pumpin’, lord have mercy…
Ooh! ya can’t sit still…


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