Girl its only you have it your way and if you want you can decide
And if you’ll have me I can provide everything that you desire, hmm.
Let me get a feeling, the feeling that I’m feeling
Don’t you come closer to me baby, hey, then you already got me
Right where you want me baby, I, I just want to be your man
How does it feel, yeah? How does it feel, yeah…?
…I won’t stop (Won’t stop) till you want, silly little games you will be playing
And I feel right on, if you feel the same way baby, let me know right on
Loving make you wet in between your thighs, cause I love when it comes suddenly boo
I get so excited when I’m around you, lovin’ you, oh baby.
How does it feel, yeah? How does it feel, yeah…?
…Ooh long time said it’s been on my mind, yeah
Baby close the door, listen girl I gotta tell you, I want control you body
Wish that you’d know I want to take your walls down, oh yeah, if you want me to baby
Only if you want me to, baby, baby. Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why do wanna hold it back baby? I just wanna, I wanna make it fast
Kiss you all up and down, all around, make you feel the way I do. Yeah, yeah, yeah…?


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