[Bette:] Everybody wants to find a love, somebody,somebody who will always care.
But we get locked up in our own worlds, with feelings and secrets we’re afraid to share.
[David:] But all I have to do is see you smile, or maybe, just maybe if I brush your hand,
something happens I cannot explain, and somehow, oh somehow I can understand!
I, I think you’re gonna find…
[B:] I’m gonna find you…
[D:] I’m giving you my heart.
[Both:] I know you by heart. You’re so much a part of me…
[D:] …Can’t you see?
[Both:] It’s no wonder I can love you the way that I do. I can finish any sentence you start…
[D:] …I know every time you’re gonna call, I pick up the phone before it can ring.
[B:] And when you need some lovin’, I’ll be there, beside you, anticipating everything.
[D:] Oh, it’s like I always said…
[B:]  You’re the one I want and all I want is you.
[D:] I’m inside your head…

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